I am Carlota de Andres.

Cars, snowboards, and cameras are the only things I let myself be materialistic about.
I am an endless amount of enthusiasm walking along with my camera. I haven’t conquered a new land or sailed with pirates but I have travelled and explore a variety of scenarios and cultures. I have moved from big to small, from crowded to silent, from wild to civilized, chasing frames through my lens.

I believe you should pick a job and be the person who does it. Well, here I am.

If you fancy to drop me a line, you can always do so via my mobile or by sending me an email!

M: +49 (0) 172 920 9818 / +34 687 27 27 92

E: carlota.deandres.v@gmail.com

Currently based in Germany

Learn more about everything I am offering in 2016 here.